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If you click on Zurich and Paris you will find the relevant pages comprising geographical information. Clicking on the dots on the map in the left frame will lead you to locations where Joyce lived, or which he often visited and places where the important artists came. At the same time relevant images and supplementary information on the locations will pop up in the right frame.

At the bottom of the page you will find   "Remarkable Parallels, a link to an overview displaying text fragments from Joyce alongside the matching items of the artistic expression of his contemporaries.

If you click on DADA you will find a description of Dada in Zurich (1915-1920) and in other towns and in avant-garde Paris (1920-1930) .  
If you click on JAMES JOYCE you will be lead to his work methods, use of language, background and biographical information.

Translation: Karen Whitburn

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> Sound fragments are included