Overnight stop(s), the journey of the Pickfords' low loader

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Fred Brookes:
'Please note there was no stop in Darlington. The lorry left Elterwater in the afternoon of the first day, stopped in Kendal overnight, and arrived in Newcastle the afternoon of the following day. I regret I have not been able to remember the location of the stopping place in Kendal. I will keep trying on that' (email 2008)

'the lorry with the wall and myself aboard left "Cylinders" at three o'clock in the afternoon, made overnightstops
at Kendall and Darlington'
(report 1966)


We assume that the Pickfords low loader made one overnight stop and parked at its own depot in Mintsfeet Road South in Kendal.

Mention has been made of a possible second overnight stop in Darlington. However, on the basis of our impressions gathered along the route and of the recent affirmations of both eye witnesses at that time, Fred Brookes and Mary Burkett, we surmise that there was only one overnight stop: in Kendal.

1. Low loader van de firma Pickfords
2. Location 2008