Merzbau, Hjertoya, Norway, 1933 - 1936.

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Kurt Schwitters, his wife Helma and son Ernst spant part of their summer holidays on the Norwegian island of Hjertoya, which is located near Molde on the west coast.
In the summer of 1934 Schwitters rented a section of a small stone hut (the other half was a potato store) on Hjertoya, using it as a summer studio and also as accommodation. In time he began to create an interior of abstract sculptural forms similar to those of the Hannover Merzbau.
After 60 years the remains are still visible. People are saying that this should be considered as the third Merzbau, although no detailed research or conservation survey has yet been undertaken.

1. Hut on Hjertoya, 2008
2. Interior, 1953
3. View inside, 2008
4. wall, detail, 2008

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