Eyewitness, two precious recollections

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Email Fred Brookes: ‘I know of no photographs of the trip itself, other than the one you know about which Mary Burkett took of the groove left in the road at Clappersgate bridge’.

Quote from a letter that Mary wrote: ‘Yes I remember the drive from Langdale through to Ambleside along the main road and I think the bridge that had to be strengthened was Rothay bridge at Ambleside by the Rothay Hotel. I know it was that one that the low loader chipped a bit off because I was following it directly and I got out and took a photo of the chip in the road. So if you want a copy of it I’ll be happy to get you one….’






We visited eyewitness Mary Burkett. She kindly gave us a copy of the photograph and confirmed the route the low loader took from Elterwater to Newcastle.
We maintained a sustained correspondence with Fred Brookes up to 2009. He helped us extensively by providing his informed comments, his precious material and by drawing out the route on old maps. (see Route)
1. Chip in the road, photo Mary Burkett, 1965
2. Mary Burket, 2008
3. Clappersgate bridge, 2008
4. Mary's letter, 2008
5. Fred Brookes' letter, 2008